Fun facts

Best: For the first time in Uppsala Young Champions’ nine-year history, we got a Swedish winner – Kaan Küçüksarı from Lund’s ASK. As an added bonus, during the tournament he also found out from FIDE that he had received the title of International Master. Big congratulations!

Upset: Emil Reimegård’s win against FM Edvin Trost in the third round – more than 800 rating points separated them.

Uncompromising: Arthur Kruckenhauser, five wins four losses – no draws

Confused: Galperin and Küçüksarı played in the final round and announced shortly after the game started that they had drawn the game. But since they hadn’t played 30 moves yet, the arbiter forced them to continue – and instead it was the game that lasted the longest and Küçüksarı won in style.

Embarrassing: David Nesse and Arvin Rasti did not show up to the final round at all, their opponents waited in vain.

Stable: Sympathetic Italian Sonis was the only one who did not lose a game in the tournament.

Tough opposition: After an easy first round Axel Falkevall then only faced players with a rating at least 100 points higher than his own.

It was better before: Siem van Dael from Holland won Uppsala Young Champions two years ago. Then his strange opening choices worked very well, this time they didn’t go all the way to prize place.

Small: Victor Lilliehöök from Wasa was the youngest at ten years old. He used a special chair because he needs to sit on his knees when playing to reach the whole board.

Most starts: Ludvig Carlsson and Hampus Sörensen made their sixth(!) starts in Uppsala Young Champions. Of the foreign guests, Vignir Vatnar Stefansson has now played here a total of four times. And if they want, they can all join next year too.

Welcome back to the jubilee tournament – 10th Uppsala Young Champions 27/10-1/11 2023!

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