Kaan Küçüksarı first Swedish winner of Uppsala Young Champions

Kaan Küçüksarı – winner of
Uppsala Young Champions 2022

After a real thriller, Kaan Küçüksarı managed to win the last game against Platon Galperin and thus finish with 8 points out of a possible nine. The game was the very last one left, when everyone else had finished playing, and for a long time it looked as if Galperin would manage to hold off Kaan’s attack. But after almost 100 moves, he made a small mistake, but big enough for Kaan to break through Galperin’s defense and thus win the entire tournament.

So for the first time we have a Swedish winner in the Uppsala Young Champions – big congratulations to Kaan! In second place came grandmaster Francesco Sonis from Italy and third was Platon Galperin from Ukraine.

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