Icelandic victory in Uppsala Young Champions 2018

Hilmir Freyr Heimisson from Iceland won Uppsala Young Champions 2018

Hilmir Freyr Heimisson took the lead in the tournament and never let it go. He won half a point before Jere Lindholm from Finland and another half point before five Swedish players, where Kaan Küçüksarı got the 3rd prize.

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Heimisson remained undefeated during the tournament, but his games were not cautious. As in the game from the first round against Jere Lindholm.

Heimisson (white) has seemingly got his own rook trapped. But he knows what he is doing. After 19.Rxc6! bxc6 20.Nxc6 has whites remaining pieces a lot of life and the a-pawn looks dangerous. 20…Qd6 21.a4 Rb6 22.Ra1 Re8 23.a5 Ra6 24.Dc4 Raa8 25.Ne5! and the threats against a8 and f7 decided the game.

Congratulations to Hilmir and Iceland!

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