Big upset in round 3

The biggest shock in the third round was undoubtedly Emil Reimegård’s victory against Edvin Trost. Edvin is one of Sweden’s top chess talents and has more than 800(!) rating points more than Emil. And to top it all off, Emil hasn’t played more than a few games a year in recent years, instead he is one of Uppsala SSS’s most important youth leaders.

In any case, Emil got the chance at the last second to be part of this year’s Uppsala Young Champions and he really has taken advantage of that chance! In round two he won against Oliver Nilsson and in the following round it was time to face Edvin Trost.

In round four, Emil Reimegård now has to take on last year’s winner Vignir Vatnar Stefansson. Actually, they have met once before, when they were 8-9 years old, they were both in the Nordic school championships and then Vignir won. Will there be revenge today?

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