Star commentator to Uppsala

We are very happy to present Fiona Steil-Antoni as a live commentator for this year’s edition of Uppsala Young Champions. Fiona is from Luxembourg, a strong player with a WIM title, but in recent years best known as a commentator for major tournaments.

Right now she is in Stavanger to comment on the super tournament Norway Chess. But after that we will be able to see her with us in Uppsala, which means that it will be a joy to follow the tournament via web TV.

IM Milton Pantzar plays Uppsala YC this year too!

Swedish IM Milton Pantzar is one of the first players to register for Uppsala Young Champions 2020. Milton has just graduated from the chess high school NTG in Oslo, and now tries to improve his play by playing chess full time.

Last year Milton took a good third place in the tournament and we are very happy to welcome him to Uppsala again this year.

Corona related information

Since we want to carry out this year’s edition of Uppsala Young Champions in a safe way, we of course follow all the recommendations given by the Swedish Public Health Agency. We also follow the development of the coronavirus and if there are any important changes related to the competition, they will be announced here. Some of the adjustments we make are these:

  • We only accept so many players so that there can be sufficient distance between the players in the room.
  • If nothing changes no audience is unfortunately welcome to the venue, but we have live broadcasts where you can follow all games.
  • Access to hand disinfection is available and we remind you of the importance of good hand hygiene. In addition, we disinfect the boards and pieces between each round.
  • If you feel ill or have any symptoms of illness, you are unfortunately not welcome to participate in the competition.
  • We greet each other before the game and thank you for a good match, but not with a handshake.

Before you book a ticket to travel to Uppsala Young Champions, we recommend that you check the rules that your airline has. You also have to check which entry rules apply to Sweden, but as the situation is right now, everyone who travels from the EU and a lot of other countries is very welcome!

If we just take it careful, the corona virus will not stand in the way for our tournament!

Roshka winner of Uppsala Young Champions

Yevgenij Roshka – winner of Uppsala Young Champions

Yevgenij Roshka from Ukraine has 7.5 points out of 8 and lead with 1.5 points before the final round in Uppsala Young Champions. Roshka is thus already a clear winner in despite a round remaining. Congratulations!

In Uppsala GM, Roshka’s countryman Egor Bogdanov has impressed and has the possibility to take a GM-norm if he can manage at least a draw in the last round against Thomas Ernst from Sweden..

Here you can follow the last rounds, start 30/10 at 16.00

Uppsala Young Champions

Uppsala GM