Arvin Rasti gets prize from Chessbase and Tiger Hillarp

A game-of-the-round prize was awarded by GM Tiger Hillarp in round 6. He gave it to Arvin Rasti who, despite an early change of queens, managed to get an irresistible attack on the black king. The game lasted only 24 moves, and although it was perhaps a little too early to resign, it is easy to understand that the black player has had enough.

Prize to roller coster game

In the fourth round, commentator GM Nils Grandelius wanted to give the prize for the “game of the round” to both players in the fight below. Hampus Sörensen eventually won the game and was also totally superior after the opening. But in between, both players showed a fighting spirit of a rarely seen kind. The comments are computer generated by ChessBase, who also donated the prize.

Time and place for UYC 2021 are set

We are happy to say that time and place for next year’s competition are already set.

8th Uppsala Young Champions 2021 will be played on October 29 – November 3. The venue will be Hotel Scandic Uplandia in Uppsala and we look forward to seeing you then!

Best game of round 2

The commentators Fiona Steil-Antoni and Pontus Carlsson decided that “game of the round” for round 2 was Viktoria Radeva vs Felix Blohberger. Blohberger has the highest rating in the tournament but Viktoria won fast and beautiful. In this position Viktoria (white) is to move.

Viktoria Radeva-Felix Blohberger, round 2

She decided the game by playing 21.Bxf7† and black resigned. If 21…Kh8 22.Re8† wins the queen and if black tries 21…Kxf7 he will get mated after 22.Qc4†.

The prize for “game of the round” is donated by ChessBase.