Icelandic victory in Uppsala Young Champions 2018

Hilmir Freyr Heimisson from Iceland won Uppsala Young Champions 2018

Hilmir Freyr Heimisson took the lead in the tournament and never let it go. He won half a point before Jere Lindholm from Finland and another half point before five Swedish players, where Kaan Küçüksarı got the 3rd prize.

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Heimisson remained undefeated during the tournament, but his games were not cautious. As in the game from the first round against Jere Lindholm.

Heimisson (white) has seemingly got his own rook trapped. But he knows what he is doing. After 19.Rxc6! bxc6 20.Nxc6 has whites remaining pieces a lot of life and the a-pawn looks dangerous. 20…Qd6 21.a4 Rb6 22.Ra1 Re8 23.a5 Ra6 24.Dc4 Raa8 25.Ne5! and the threats against a8 and f7 decided the game.

Congratulations to Hilmir and Iceland!

Hard fight to the end

Hilmir Freyr Heimisson, Iceland (left) and Jere Lindholm, Finland, are first and second before the last round

Before the last round of Uppsala Young Champions Hilmir Freyr Heimisson from Iceland is still in the lead, but only half a point before Jere Lindholm from Finland and another half point before a group of swedes.

Follow the last round live at from 3 pm.

David and Isak in the paper

No game on Tuesday until 3 pm, and Isaac Storme and David Narva decides to go to Studentbokhandeln (the Student Bookstore) located across the street from the Schackcentrum to look for books. Unfortunately, for the people in Uppsala, the same day it was announced that Studentbokhandeln had to close, and the local newspaper went there and Isak and David told them they “like to browse the books before deciding to buy.”

Who is going to stop Heimisson?

Hilmir Freyr Heimisson is in the lead in Uppsala Young Champions when 2/3 of the tournament is played (photo: Lars OA Hedlund)

“Who is going to stop Heimisson from Iceland?” is the head line on (home page of the Swedish Chess Federation) to day? It is a legitimate question, since he is one full point ahead the rest of the players.

In round 6 Heimisson beat Hampus Sörensen and tomorrow he is playing the Swedish junior champion Kaan Küçüksarı.

Last chance

Simon Thorhallsson from Iceland (black) had fought for a long time against  Collin Colbow from Germany, without much hope.

White just made the seemingly decisive 71.Rg6-g5. The threat is Rf3-f8 with mate. But Simon found the last chance – he sacrificed the queen with 71…Qh4†! and whites only options was 72.Kxh4 and stalemate!

Johan Norberg won the blitz tournament

Johan Norberg won the blitz (photo: Lars OA Hedlund)

On Sunday night most of the participants played a blitz tournament together with some of Uppsalas blitz stars. Even some players from other cities joined and it was a great tournament.

Johan Norberg won, with youngsters Jung Min Seo och Kaan Küçüksarı 2nd and 3rd. Kurt Ekelund, Uppsala and Elmar Reinert Fjällheim, Faroe Islands won rating prizes

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Games – round 1-5

The games from the first five rounds can be seen below. Click above the board to choose game.